Believe in yourself…no seriously

There is no certainty in life. According to Sophia from Golden Girls “there is no such thing as security.” But why does that stop you? Why do you give in to those thoughts that tell you you’re not valuable and you have nothing to give?

Someone may see something special in you. They may see that you have potential, and are willing to help you carry out your goals. Me personally, if I am interested enough to ask questions and converse with you : I don’t want you to doubt yourself.

My mentor told me : “you have to learn how to be vulnerable. Stop making excuses and put yourself out there. Allow people to love you. Stop trying to be so masculine.” I was like “from my life experiences the only way I would have accomplished anything was being headstrong.” Then it hit me : “IM AM IN A NEW CHAPTER IN MY LIFE.” In different seasons, I have to allow myself to switch gears. I have to adapt to the present to create a better future for myself. When I stopped saying no and I can’t — doors started opening.

So when those voices start creeping up like “they don’t care, they are just being nice” or “I’m not good enough to do this or say that.” Do it anyway! Because honestly it’s those negative thoughts that’s going to hinder how great you can be. Lay down your pride and live a fulfilling life.

And if you didn’t know this secret : No one is good enough! But when we use our strength in God, we can do and be anything!


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