Reflection of a Know it All College Girl.

I was going through my things of my college days. Besides a bunch of selfies and people I barely remember, I ran across a video of me explaining myself. It went something like this :

“I’m 19. People think I’m arrogant but no I’m just quiet. I don’t care what people think. And who cares about people, they are not important.”

As I’m watching I am in complete shock. Who is this person? Who does she think she is? Well I have a few words for this young lady:

  1. No you really are arrogant, you’re just good at hiding it because you’re quiet. Life is going to humble you when you get older so don’t get too comfortable in this season.
  2. You do care what people think or you wouldn’t have said that you don’t. When people don’t care they don’t have to say it — because it’s not on their mind.
  3. You are very important but when you meet people and experience life, you will realize that you share more with people than you think. You’re just saying that because it makes you feel better. Which points back to 1 & 2.


But you know what I also wanted to say that to that young “queen of the world”? 

You’re scared of the world and the future : and that is ok. You’re going to grow and learn to have a genuine love for people. You’re not going to let fear of being hurt ruin being a nice person. When you finally feel good enough to be in a room,  you will speak from confidence and not arrogance. But guess what? You’re not good enough, and you’ll never be. Jesus was good enough and died to give you grace and a purpose for your life ; and that’s what makes you great. 



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