A Reminder of Grace

If the bible isn’t really your thing, you probably would think it was some perfect utopia book where everyone was living right and always being perfect. No one sinned and war and hardships were not an issue.

Well let’s stop right there, because that is false. No one was perfect in the bible. In fact if you read carefully, you would see a lot of people with flaws and imperfections. The Old Testament was a dark & scary time. I can barely handle today’s issues in America, I can only imagine living in that time period.

From murder to wars, nothing was off-limits in the Old Testament. Abraham almost sacrificed his son to death. Yet God still spoke to him and gave him prosperity and power. How amazing is that?

In this life, I will not make all the right decisions. I will not always walk in the spirit of God.  But God created all of us with a purpose to glorify his name. We must always remember that grace is what keeps us alive and thriving : not our perfection. When we understand God’s love, our hearts will strive to be good people — and that’s all that matters.


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