The Spiritual Bubble Bath

I reached out to my mentor a while ago. The very moment she heard my voice, she knew something was not right. “You need a spiritual bubble bath.” She was right. From being overworked at my job to draining relationships, I was not in a happy space. Here are few things she told me that helped me clean my soul.

  1. Set clear boundaries. It important to equal relationships in our lives. I am naturally a self-less person : other people wishes are usually more important than my own. At the end of the day – I have to remember to be a little selfish in order to balance my life. “What do I get out of this relationship? Am I receiving as much as I am giving?”
  2. Speak up for yourself. Just because we are Christians — does not mean we are automatically a door mat. When we speak our truth and what we need and want out of life — good things come. I respectfully told my managers I can no longer take on the load of all my team mates. Because I was already doing above and beyond and they valued me, they gave me paid time off to relax and take care of personal health. Note: remember to speak out of love and respect for other people.
  3. Take care  of your health. Spiritual, mental, physical, community, are all needed to have a well-rounded life. Eat food that nourishes your body. Be sure to get sleep. Exercise. Keep up on you devotion to God. They all seem so simple but it is important to remember : if you are not healthy, you cannot take care of anyone else. 
  4. Find some hobbies outside the everyday hustle. I have a puppy, a healthy social life, I enjoy shopping for my home. Sometimes it is good to get a break from worrying about everyday life : just remember to come back to reality.

It took a while to get the hang of all these tips. I wish I could tell you it was an overnight success and all my problems disappeared — it wasn’t. This spiritual cleanse takes a while — and it’s an everyday process. But I promise it is worth it. When I learned to take control of my life instead of being the victim – it gave me the power and flexibility to enjoy life. When you take care of yourself  you are glorifying the gift god gave you. Please take care of yourself. You deserve it!

Dear friend, I pray that you are prospering in every way and are in good health, just as your whole life is going well John 2


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