Temptation : Hope in the Walk

As I was praying to God last night I said “if I had it my way I would have this by now.” I think a lot of us feel that way. If we had everything we wanted, all problems would be solved.

Adam and Eve had everything they wanted in the Garden of Eden. They did not have to worry about dying or what was going to happen next. They were given one restriction – don’t seek anything else but God. It sounds so simple – I know. But when temptation and free will appeared – guess what happened? They fell for what they thought was best for them.

It’s my favorite story in the bible because it shows how naive humans can be. We think we know what is best for us. When ungodly things come into our lives – we rationalize them. We say “just this one time.” Adam and Eve’s temptation cost them the kingdom of heaven and life. What does our disobedience cost us?

Now before you go beating yourself up, don’t go there. God knew there is no such thing as perfection. Jesus was the super hero that saved humanity from all mistakes – they are inevitable.

There is a life of prosperity and blessings God wants to give us. Seeking god with a yearning heart will build a life you never thought possible. Temptation and mistake will happen – it’s a part of life. Jesus died for us to create an attainable peace and strength to overcome challenges. Please don’t stop fighting for your relationship with God.

 17 And the world with its lust is passing away, but the one who does the will of God remains forever. 1 John 2:17


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