God Will Bless You … But Wait There’s More

I was severely skinny with braces and glasses. My clothing choice was not the best. The car I drove had so many dents in it. And yes – I lived with my parents after the American age tells you should get out.

God can take any situation – any person and turn them into something. He will call the weak and make them strong to show who he is.


Please don’t.

God doesn’t want to just bless you so your enemies can become footstools. It’s deeper than that. You can’t want success just to show off and be selfish in your ways.

Blessings are to change your heart. When your heart is changed you will live for him. Living for him will influence those around you to be closer to him. The more the better to glorify his holy name.

When I lost my braces and started living the American dream – yes my head got a little big. It took my Aunt (the one who told me I need to eat because I’m too skinny) to re direct me back to the lord.

“Sometimes there is spiritual warfare. Sometimes your ego can make you fall right into the enemy’s trap.”

My blessings and accomplishments had become louder than God. And you know what the bible says : he can give and take away.

Luckily I had family around me to talk sense into me. To those who may not have that. Please read this -STOP.- Come back down from your high horse. Live for the creator and source who has blessed you.

12 For a day belonging to the Lord of Armies is coming
against all that is proud and lofty,
against all that is lifted up—it will be humbled— Isaiah 2:12


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