Book Review: Uncommon by Carey Scott

I applied for a job at a Christian book store. “Well let’s go see about my application and find a book.” I left with a journal and “Uncommon” by Carey Scott

Here are key points of the book

  • 234 pages with large print
  • Paragraphs of personal stories
  • Highlights of uncommon women in The Bible (such as Deborah in leadership)
  • Bible scriptures with clear explanations
  • prayers

The book focuses on how being a Christian woman is out of the ordinary. Each chapter breaks down different principles. My top 3 chapters were: forgiveness gratitude & hunger for God. She had a perfect blend of biblical notes and her life dealing with her health and family.

Entertaining and informative, it was the first book I dedicated my time to in a while. I recommend this book for all levels of paths with Christ. Uncommon had me feeling more confident to live boldly for Jesus.

Amazon Link to Book


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