Puppies and God

“It it’s not good for Woman to be alone – so she was given a puppy.” Is what I think God jokes about in heaven. I gave my puppy a peaceful home after my cousin found her abandoned. We have learned a lot from each other these past few months. It is safe to say I love her.

If I see someone coming towards us on a walk, I try to keep her still or walk the other direction. I don’t want my puppy to get excited and make the other person nervous. I’m not sure if it is in her best interest to be in contact with everyone. Let’s face it – not everyone is a dog person.

It hits me – does God love me the same way pet owners love their cute bundles of joy? God could see something far away that might be off. Instead of letting us run into that situation, he holds off on our plans.

The lesson : we must have patience in all things – because there is always a bigger picture.


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