Born Again: My Story

It’s a church of 200 people. I was the only who raised my hand. “Please come to the front. Do you know that Satan wanted you? For you to choose to follow Jesus makes God rejoice.” That day, I got saved.

Becoming and new creature in the eyes of Jesus Christ doesn’t mean I changed over night. I was a work in progress – and I still am.

When I professed my love and submission to Jesus, I basically said “This where I’m at in life please come and mold me into who you want me to be.” Over time, my heart grew bigger for others. My faith in the future became stronger. I developed self-discipline and integrity. I’m not perfect but I have the fruits of the holy spirit.

You don’t have to be perfect. You can have an ugly dark past. Let God meet you where you are. Let him fix your aching heart. It wasn’t possible for me to do it alone. When I accepted Jesus as my lord and savior – my spirit matured.

Try God. Please say this prayer:

God I come to you today with all my cards on the table. This is where am at in life. Would you please come into life and nurture? Would you please show me the way to have a fulfilled life? I am here seeking your name. I invite you into my heart and my life as my savior. In Jesus name -amen-



2 thoughts on “Born Again: My Story

  1. Prayer Points: Michael Adikwu

    1. That the good LORD will keep me and my family healthy in 2018.
    2. That my children will be successful in their examinations particularly those in the University.
    3. That the LORD will provide enough money for me to pay salary of the workers in the University where I am Vice Chancellor
    4. That none of the groups such as the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), The Senior Staff Union of Nigerian Universities (SSANU), the Non Academic Staff Union (NASU), and the Nigerian Association of Academic Technologists (NAAT) and the Student Union will go on strike in 2018 and beyond.
    5. That God will provide the money so that I will pay the arrears of promotion in the University completely.
    6. That there will be agreement between the government and all the unions so that their salary will through IPPIS taking the burden away from school authorities.
    7. That all the departments that lost accreditation will get them back in 2018.
    8. That the LORD will protect us against kidnappers and hired assassins.
    9. That there will be no petitions against me both now and after I have finished my tenure. Many people try to rope others into false allegations.
    10. That all Islamic enchantments and charms to cause me ill health and be frustrated will fail.
    11. That all plans from Islamic and occultic forces to prevent me from getting any other job after my present job will fail.
    12. That the LORD will open doors of global evangelisation for me in 2018.


    • Here’s a prayer I want to leave with you. God thank you allowing Michael the willing spirit to serve you. Thank you for allowing him to be strong in his faith and wisdom. I pray that you watch over him Anything that he needs let it be done in you holy name of Jesus. Let him want for nothing. Let everything he does be glorified. I pray that you watch over him and his family and everything works out according to you divine plan. In Jesus name Amen.


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