Fools Gold

I was having the best dream – when suddenly a great thought popped into my head. There’s this song by Andy Mineo called “Fools Gold”. The verse that kept playing in my head was : “I know it look nice, but that’s a rip off – for that price.” 

The night before I was writing in my journal. I came to terms that maybe I was being too superficial about certain things. I have patterns of falling in love with chasing a vision – when there is so much more to life.

How often do we think about nice things that will make us better people? That if we just had a bit more at this specific time – everything will be better. 

The songs right – we should seek something real. God’s everlasting love is the only thing that can fulfill us.

Don’t get me wrong it is nice to have nice things – but when it hinders our spirit and wanting to be closer to our creator, it become unhealthy. 

In conclusion : time to get back to the basics and enjoying life.

Andy Mineo YouTube Song.


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