Monday Prayer 1/22/2018

Hello everyone. I know I’m super early today. We are having 21 days of prayer at my church so I thought it would be a perfect hour to get everything out the way.


Thank you giving your son to die on the cross for us. Thank you for leaving us the scripture so that we will have wisdom for the good and bad times in our life. And thank you for just allowing all things to work for the better.

I pray that you restore my strength. Let me become greater in your power. Allow me to live a life of excellence. I want to do what is right and live a life that is beautiful in your eyes. Please allow me to know it’s okay to love myself so that I can give to others.

If there is anything I need to work on to achieve my goals, let it be done. I want to be assured that everything is coming together and all I have to do is let the light of the lord shine.

You are great and worthy of all the praise. Thank you for accepting me as I am. You are worthy beyond measure.

Your kingdom come – your will be done – on earth – how it is done in heaven.

In Jesus Name



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