Fierce Hearted : Coffe Table Read

It was a Saturday when I had nothing to do. “Welp I guess I’m going to the Christian bookstore.” It was a lot of traffic and a long line when I got there. “Welp, I guess I’m going to be in here for a while.” I spent an hour looking through the entire store. Finally, I went to the women’s section. “Welp I guess I’m a woman.”

The cover of the book is so beautiful and girly. When I flipped through the pages, I realized we had a lot of things in common. The persona of having it all together, the awkward phase growing up, etc. The way she writes is so personal. Holley Gerth really does make you feel like you’re out having coffee with the girls.

Tonight I will dive into the book some more. I will give you an update once I am done. If you have read this book before please let me know. ❤

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Christian Music Playlist

For me, it was hard giving up secular music. The melodies and catchy hooks kept me addicted for so long. Not all of it is bad, but I need to be filled with the holy spirit other than sermons. Here are a few artist I listen to.

Rivers and Robots – Alternative

The Good Christian Music Blog – variety of artist from all genres

Montell Fish – R&B

Hillsong Worship – Praise and Worship

I’m not sure if there is Spotify in other countries, but they also have a great collection of Christian Music. When I find more artist – I will share them with you all. Hope this serves you well.

Book Review: Uncommon by Carey Scott

I applied for a job at a Christian book store. “Well let’s go see about my application and find a book.” I left with a journal and “Uncommon” by Carey Scott

Here are key points of the book

  • 234 pages with large print
  • Paragraphs of personal stories
  • Highlights of uncommon women in The Bible (such as Deborah in leadership)
  • Bible scriptures with clear explanations
  • prayers

The book focuses on how being a Christian woman is out of the ordinary. Each chapter breaks down different principles. My top 3 chapters were: forgiveness gratitude & hunger for God. She had a perfect blend of biblical notes and her life dealing with her health and family.

Entertaining and informative, it was the first book I dedicated my time to in a while. I recommend this book for all levels of paths with Christ. Uncommon had me feeling more confident to live boldly for Jesus.

Amazon Link to Book

Christian YouTube Playlist

Here is a list of things I watch on YouTube

Heather Lindsey – helps me deal with being single while following Christ.

The Bible Project  is a great tool to help understand the bigger picture of the bible. They break down each book in detail with great production & illustration.

Steven Bancarz was into New age before becoming a full time Christian. His in depth videos explain why he chose to follow Christ.

JonJorgenson goes through the bible with witty insight.

Our Only Hope – Billy Graham – has a lot of classics. After listening to his sermons – I finally realize his powerful influence.

Hope this helps!